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For over 100 years, Sunbeam has been simplifying the lives of everyday Australians.

Here at Sunbeam, we make products for real people, and real, Australian needs. Through cutting-edge innovation and intelligent design, we aim to make it easier and simpler for you to do those things you do every day: clean, cook, organise, or even entertain.

Our history is one of innovation and creativity. It harks back to 1910, when we imported the revolutionary Princess Electric Iron from the U.S – and forever changed the way Australians took to their ironing. Following the popularity of this first small electrical appliance, Sunbeam began importing more and more – and in 1948, launched the Sunbeam Mixmaster, the first small electrical appliance to be manufactured in Australia. Costing more than a month’s wages, the Mixmaster sold more than 725,000 units in just 10 years. Read more of our historical firsts>

Today, our commitment to simple, sophisticated and elegant design has remained unchanged. Our products don’t just look smart. They are smart.

Over the years, our superior design has been awarded and recognised, over and over again. Most recently, in 2008, we won the prestigious, global Red Dot Award for our Café Series Contact Grill. Acclaimed for its combination of design and aesthetics, the Contact Grill beat over 3,000 entries from 51 different countries. We have also received a wide range of design awards – including the Portable Appliance Supplier of the Year for 2007/2008 at the BSR Conference.

Importantly, we remain constantly committed to the people who use our products, and to the communities in which we live and work. In 2007, we launched the Go Red for Women program – which aims to raise awareness of heart disease in women. A certain percentage of sales from all our ‘Red’ products are donated to the Heart Foundation.

Our History

A history of firsts

The history of Sunbeam is a long and proud one. Your parents no doubt owned several Sunbeam appliances, as did your Grandparents. In fact, Sunbeam has been providing innovative electrical appliances to everyday Australians for over 100 years.

It all started in 1880, when two, enterprising gentlemen formed the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company, and began producing and selling sheep-shearing equipment. To maintain revenue during the “off season”, the company began producing small, innovative electrical appliances – which soon gained immense popularity.

In 1946, this company changed its name to Sunbeam Corporation and developed the slogan “Best Electric Appliances Made”. In 1952, we became a public company.


flicking thru the sunbeam collection, i found there werent any toasters that were childish in form, or coourful or even humurous. it hen cam across the section of sunbeams collection known as “cool creations and novelty”. i was amused with these interestingly deisgn contraptions.

Introducing Pattie, the newest member of the cool creations gang! Let your imagination help you create and decorate your favourite cupcakes and muffins– great fun to share.

RRP $89.95 AUD


Put some fun and decadence into your entertaining with this fun, 3-tier chocolate fountain! The ultimate in indulgence, this easy to use appliance delivers a warm, steady flow of decadent, melted chocolate – ideal for dipping strawberries, wafers or marshmallows.

RRP $74.95 AUD


Destined to delight kids and adults alike Cornelius™ produces fresh healthy popcorn in a matter of minutes. Simply added kernals and watch your corn pop.

RRP $44.95 AUD

Sprinkles Doughnut MakerDM3200

Create 5 delicious doughnuts in minutes using Sprinkles the doughnut maker. Easy to use, Sprinkles the dougnut maker will help you to create your own favourite doughnuts – great fun to share.

RRP $44.95 AUD


The perfect breakfast companion, now with a BONUS 2 cups. The ‘Eggo™’ cooks up to 4 eggs and poaches 3 in one sitting. Your fun ‘Eggo™’ tweets when your eggs are ready.

RRP $44.95 AUD

EasyClean™ Snack for 2GR6200

Perfect for entertaining hungry teenagers as the EasyClean™ Snack for 2 sandwich maker cuts and seals the sandwich diagonally creating more snacks to share.

RRP $34.95 AUD

Omelette Express™OM5300

The Sunbeam Omelette Express allows you to create your own fluffy omelettes with a fraction of the effort it takes to use a stove-top pan. Eliminating the need for flipping, you can cook up to 3 eggs plus your favourite fillings in the extra deep plates.

RRP $49.95 AUD

EasyClean™ Thick SnackGR7250

Ideal for hungry teenagers – this easy to use EasyClean™ Thick Snack jaffle maker creates delicious piping hot jaffles. The design of the cooking plates seals the edges only, creating one big pocket.

RRP $44.95 AUD

Pie Magic® 2 UpPM4210

This deep-dish pie maker turns leftovers into tasty pies in minutes, two at a time. For perfect high-top pies simply use pastry and any pre-cooked filling.

RRP $44.95 AUD

Pie Magic® 4 UpPM4400

With the deep-dish pie maker it is all up to your imagination, for high-top pies simply use pastry and any pre-cooked filling.

RRP $74.95 AUD

Belgian Waffle MakerWM7500

The Sunbeam Belgian Waffle Maker allows you to easily create and enjoy authentic Belgian waffles at home. The unique professionally inspired flip-over system allows you to rotate the cooking plates 180 degrees. The result is evenly cooked, extra thick waffles that are the perfect balance of delicately crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

RRP $109.00 AUD

toast with most, the coast toast, the roast toast, butter toast,   i cud mumble on for hours if i were allowed the time, but now lets get serious. we have received our design brief for our assesment this semester in class, here have a look.

Client briefs are simulated for educational purposes only.

Sunbeam Inc won the prestigious, global Red Dot Award for their Café Series Contact Grill in 2008 and the Portable Appliance Supplier of the Year in 2007/2008. Sunbeam aims to launch a new toaster for the middle to high income segment of kitchen appliances market in Australia. This new toaster is to use the technical package of the Sunbeam Thick & Thin 2 Toaster (TA2210).

Turbine151 Studio 2 has been commissioned  to design a new toaster to be launched to the market in October 2011. Studio 2 designers will work with staff to develop this brief.

Design Constraints

  • The external casing must be mounted using the common screw points identified in the technical package of the Sunbeam  Thick & Thin 2 Toaster (TA2210).

New toaster will be designed with only the following features:

  • 2 slice electronic toaster
  • Electronic browning control dial
  • High-lift lever
  • Defrost and Cancel functions
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Cord storage
  • Material will be decided by following Australian Standards’ requirements.
  • Sale price to be determined by market analysis
  • Deadline for final project submission is 23 June 2010.

heres the sunbeam otaster that won the red dot award,  Sunbeam Cafe Series 4 Slice Toaster TA9400

this is the toaster that will be the technical package  we will be using, the Sunbeam Thick & Thin 2 Toaster (TA2210).

so lets get designing…..

its great to be back at school after an interesting break, got my thinking back on, nice change from dull repetition. we gotta design toasters apparently this year. i need to deisgn the toasterest with the mosterest

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    • Carlos: I really like it, although I reckon it'd look just as good as a lamp. The way you have rendered it, the bottom half seems to be glowing already. Ver
    • nicolemaree: wow im impressed with the first link. Such inspiring work of art!. I'm interested to know more. Can't wait to see more :)
    • designbyluke: Hey man, I'd like to nominate your project for 3rd. I'm not sure what it is about it but it just looks good, it catches me. cheers, Luke.